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NED Australian Whisky 700ml

40% ALC/VOL | 700ml



This Limited First Batch of NED Australian Whisky 40% has a great story behind it. Its character stands true to its name, forging a path in Australian history.

A True Blue Australian Whisky that is made for sharing, celebrating and enjoying, begins the story of NED Whisky.

Distilled from only the finest selection of Australian grain, the secret process behind NED Australian Whisky is protected behind proprietary rights, ensuring its uniqueness is never replicated.

What makes NED Australian Whisky stand out, is in the bold move of combining the best whisky making techniques of single malt production and sour mash to create a fiercely independent Australian whisky unlike any other.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there.

When it comes to the aging process, Melbourne’s climate sets the perfect stage. With distinct temperatures across all seasons, the changes encourage the whisky to move slowly in and out of the oak, thus drawing the mellowness from the barrel over time.

Starting the aging process in carefully selected second fill oak, NED Australian Whisky meets its finish in new and pristine heavily charred oak to obtain its signature boldness and character.

The entire maturation process is meticulous with a process that is followed down to the T.

To ensure an absolutely smooth texture delectable to the palate, NED Australian Whisky is gently charcoal filtered and transferred to large European Oak vats for its final blending and consistency process.

Once accomplished to a whisky connoisseurs approval, our Australian whiskey is then hand bottled and uniquely labelled to make our Limited First Batch.

Every individually numbered bottle is uniquely Australian in every sense.

The perfect balance of sweet, spicy and savoury, NED Australian Whisky is the ideal dram for all avid whisky drinkers, no matter how far into the whisky journey you may be.

With every bottle of NED Whisky, you are guaranteed an experience of limited batch Australian whisky that shines when being mixed, stirred, and sometimes even shaken.


If you’re into Aromas, Flavours, and Finishes, here are the deets. But if you just want the basics, all you need to know is that NED Whisky is an easy-drinking, great-tasting True Blue Australian Whisky that has been crafted especially for local dark spirits drinkers.

  • Aroma Coconut and vanilla with hints of stone and dry fruit. Moves into the rich grain with hints of chocolate, then dry at the end.
  • Flavour Sweet oak moving into spicy grains, with a hint of dried fruit. Then mocha and oak, with vanilla and dry coconut.
  • Finish The finish is spicy and clean heat, smooth but powerful. Long after flavour of sweet oak and dark chocolate.

Limit one bottle per order.


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