lessons from the best of bourbon and scotch adapted for australia


Ned Kelly is Australia's most famous outlaw.

Born into a disadvantaged Irish immigrant family, Kelly experienced the systematic injustices faced by the poor and disenfranchised in colonial Australia.

The harsh treatment by the police, perceived corruption, and a desire to resist oppression contributed to his transformation into a folk hero among those who sympathised with his grievances.

Ultimately, Kelly's actions, including the infamous Kelly Gang's last stand at Glenrowan, were a quest for justice as he percieved it.

While his methods were controversial, Ned Kelly's legacy of bravery, flair, daring spirit, honour, loyalty and ingenuity inspired the whisky that carries his name today.

"Ned Kelly was all about, 'That's how I want to do it, and that's what I want to do and you can either come with me, or get out of the way.' That's why he's the icon to our whisky." - Ben Hunting, Head of Distillation & Maturation.


Grain-to-bottle at our Melbourne distillery, our mash-bill is led by Australian corn with supporting wheat and barley. Milled, brewed and distilled on site, we employ the Sour Mash fermentation technique. As the spirit runs off our copper pot still in its second distillation run, our expert distillers determine the heart cut by sensory evaluation. It ensures that every drop going into our 200 litre American Oak barrels is at the quality we demand.

Everything we do is driven by flavour.

the classic

40% ALC/VOL | 700ML

Internally we call it the 'OG'. A whisky inspired by tradition and shaped by innovation. The whisky that made us famous, the one that is shared by all sorts on all occasions.

A Bourbon-style mash-bill is sour mash fermented, double distilled and matured in white American oak barrels. Bottled at 40%, it's easy drinking, smooth, full of flavour and enjoyable in any way you can imagine.

Great tasting whisky doesn't need to be expensive. A whisky by us, for us. A whisky for the people.


Honey, caramel, vanilla, dark chocolate and oak spice. A good, medium-length finish that is as satisfying as it is moreish.

When awarding it a Silver Medal at the prestigious 2021 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards, the judges said, "Caramel and earthy spice. Quite sweet on the palate, corn flakes and toffee.”

driven by flavour

44% ALC/VOL | 700ML

We challenge all aspects of production – from mashing, fermenting and distilling, to maturation. For Green Sash we focused on the maturation process, originally trialled through our Gold Medal and Trophy winning Wanted Series collection.

We selected premium aged barrels of reserve NED Whisky, and then harvest the whisky over toasted American oak for extra character and complexity - we want to add flavour in, not take it out. It's a technique we believe to be unique in the world.

Named for the sash Ned Kelly was awarded for saving a young school mate from drowning, an act of bravery and daring


Caramel, vanilla and almond on the nose, with dark chocolate and vanilla balancing a silky oak punch on the palate. A long finish of sweet oak, milk chocolate and orange peel.

Named Corn Whisky Of The Year 2023 by Oz Whisky Review: "Seriously well-designed: great flavour, complexity and mixability at a very competitive price point."

the pinnacle
ned grand reward australian whisky

50% ALC/VOL | 700ML

The pinnacle of the range, where exceptional whisky meets tawny cask elegance.

The finest casks of NED Australian Whisky are extra matured in Tawny barrels, sourced from historic Kelly Country - a large part of the Ned Kelly and Kelly Gang story took place in the north east Victorian highlands, between towns like Beechworth, Glenrowan and across the border in Jerilderie.

Described by our distilling team as ‘an iron fist in a velvet glove’, it is our most luxurious and refined whisky yet.


Rich and luxurious nose of ripe red berries, dried figs, creme caramel and milk chocolate. The luscious sweetness sits above gentle cereal notes which emerge with time in the glass. Raspberry, figs, raisin and almonds leading to forest floor, fruit-and-nut chocolate with a gentle spice providing structure.