Merry Christmas & A Summernats New Year

Merry Christmas & A Summernats New Year

What a year it's been.

Our little Australian whisky brand continues to take on the big names and our mission to take back the ground that Australian whisky held 100 years ago is well and truly on track.

It feels like an age ago when we NED Green Sash back in January with some highly enjoyable tasting dinners (if you were there, you know). We had trade shows and tasting events all around the country, followed the Supercars circus and took over bars wherever they landed, released the best Sounds Of Bathurst to date, the Collingwood fans amongst us celebrated a Sweet 16 Premiership, not to forget that we've just soft launched our brand new, top-of-the-range Grand Reward (nine bottles left at time of writing)...

We'd like to raise a quick glass with you to thank you for being part of this crazy gang throughout 2023.

It's a quick one though, because we are right back into things in 2024 with something very special at Australia's greatest celebration of all things tire smoke and automotive mayhem - Summernats 36.

As well as serving award winning Australian whisky through the event, we have found one of the most iconic cars in modern car enthusiast history - Ken Block's Focus RS.

Made famous in the Gymkhana Nine video, which has amassed 59 million views and counting, the car hasn't been seen in public since Block's untimely passing earlier this year. In what is sure to be an emotional experience for many, we're bringing the 600 horsepower, 2-litre four cylinder, Garret turbocharger-fitted, M-Sport developed monster to the Dyno Pavillion from 3-7 January 2024.

The car has made a stop at the NED barrelhouse on the way to Canberra and we can confirm it is something very special, it carries an aura.

So from the whole NED team to you and yours, have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year's, enjoy a few NEDs, but don't go too crazy because we'll need you on deck in early Jan at Summernats.

Tickets for Summernats are available here. Our friends over there tell us, "the event is absolutely going to sell out in terms of Season Passes (four-day passes) very soon and that if people want one, now’s the time."