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Sounds of Bathurst – Retro Label

45% ALC/VOL | 500ml


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Sounds of Bathurst – Retro Label

NED Australian Whisky proudly presents Sounds Of Bathurst 2023, a uniquely Australian whisky made in partnership with Supercars and Grove Racing. Aged to the guttural roar of V8s racing around the iconic Bathurst track, this release marries the exhilaration of Supercars with NED Australian Whisky’s continual quest for innovation.

The third edition of the limited edition Sounds Of Bathurst, it takes the lessons from the double Gold medal winning 2022 edition and inspiration from the Bathurst 1000’s 60th anniversary event in October.

Reserve grade barrels of NED Whisky were hand selected to undergo our distinctive sound ageing process, carried out within a custom-built, sound-proof container at our Melbourne distillery. With powerful speakers ensuring the sounds deeply permeate the barrels, we played the distinct in-car audio from David Reynolds and Matt Payne’s laps around Bathurst for more than 2,000 immersive hours. In this historic year we also worked with Supercars to dig out famous Commodore and Falcon moments from the archive and audio from Greg Murphy’s 2003 Lap Of The Gods as well as Steve Richards and Mark Winterbottom’s victory were incorporated into the aging process.

The Sound Ageing process is unique to NED Whisky and creates a flavour profile distinct to the technique. Over three years of Sound Ageing projects we’ve discovered that dark toffee and burnt maple flavours are enhanced and highlighted with a greater depth of texture in whiskies that undergo the process.

Our 2023 edition features two carefully curated labels, “Retro” and “Innovation”, reflecting both Bathurst’s storied past and its exciting future with Gen 3. This is the Retro label.


Aroma: Butter pastry, complex caramel and extra oak, rich oak and maple.
Palate: Rich oak, huge length, loads of butter, pastry, caramel and dried fruit. Smooth mouthfeel, loads of length, then oak and caramilk chocolate. The flavours feel enhanced and boosted.
Finish: Very long, lots of smooth texture and clean finish.

500ml | 45%

New for 2023 – NED ‘Start Line’ Bathurst edition. The same delicious reserve grade NED Whisky without the sound aging influence. See it here!


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