NED Whisky & Chocolate Matching

NED Whisky & Chocolate Matching

A day with NED Australian Whisky is a pretty good day. A day with NED Australian Whisky and chocolate is one worth writing about.

Here at Easter we're digging into the archive to play around with some NED and chocolate matchings. But instead of just looking at one style of chocolate for our whiskies, we’ve diver a bit deeper to provide a few recommendations based on your favourite style of choccie…


The OG. The classic. The whisky we reach for in all situations, this carries rich caramel, oak and vanillas, easy-drinking and smooth. When matching we’re looking for flavours to enhance, not dominate.

NED & Milk Chocolate
Match with: Dried Fruits Platter

If you’re a milk chocolate fan we think throwing some fried fruits into the mix is a strong play. Raisins, cherries, or apricots would complement the dry fruit notes on the whisky’s palate while adding a touch of sweetness alongside the chocolate hit.

NED & Dark Chocolate
Match with: Coconut Flakes (Read: Lamington)

Even though there’s coconut notes in the whisky, we’re looking at the oak here. Coconut flakes (either already in the chocolate or from your own addition) pairing would balance with the tannin in the whisky as well as the rich, bittersweet chocolate flavour. If in doubt, lamington.

White Chocolate
Match with: A Vanilla Hit

This one’s easy. White chocolate's creamy sweetness and vanilla undertones complement the vanilla notes in NED beautifully. You don’t need to ‘add’ anything here just look for the softest, creamiest white chocolate you can.


The bigger sibling – all the flavours of NED we love, turned up. At 44% this carries a broader mouthfeel and longer finish, so we can experiment with richer chocolate flavours here…

Milk Chocolate
Match with: Almonds

There’s a nuttiness on Green Sash, particularly on the nose, and almonds will only enhance this. They’ll also help develop the texture of the chocolate so that when you go back for a second sip you’re enjoying the full flavour symphony.

Dark Chocolate
Match with: Caramel and Sea Salt

We’re hoping there’s a caramel and sea salt dark chocolate in a store near you because this is an ideal combination. The salty-sweet match is grounded by the silk oak tannins of Green Sash and the bitterness of the dark chocolate. A bold flavour matching, but one that reveals hidden secrets of the whisky.

White Chocolate
Match with : Vanilla and Macadamia Nuts

Once again there’s probably enough vanilla in the white chocolate without you having to ‘add’ any more, but when it comes to Green Sash we can’t go past a handful of macadamia nuts as well. Enhancing vanilla and nutty notes, they’re give a creamy and crunchy texture to align the soft white chocolate with the bold flavours of Green Sash.