Green Sash Wins Double Gold: Amongst The Best In The World

Green Sash Wins Double Gold: Amongst The Best In The World

Break out the Gold jackets, NED Australian Whisky is in the medals again!

This time it's our NED Green Sash Reserve at the San Francisco Spirits Awards - one of the world's premier spirit competitions and certainly America's.

Our sole entrant for 2024, Green Sash, was awarded a massive 95 points, Double Gold! That puts it not just amongst the best in its style, but amongst the world's best whiskies full stop. 

Green Sash is a powerful and brooding expression from NED. Made from a corn-wheat-barley mashbill and matured in 200 litre white American oak barrels, it is definitely a bourbon-style whisky.

We not-so-humbly admit, there's something quite fun about sending bourbon-style, but Australian made, whiskies back to America and being named amongst the world's best...

So break out the glassware, we're raising (and draining) a glass of Green Sash tonight to celebrate our distilling team and all the Australians making world class spirits to take over the world!

We committed to experimentation to create our NED Green Sash Whisky. Selecting premium aged barrels of NED, we harvest them over oak for additional character, resulting in flavours of caramel, vanilla and dark chocolate with a long finish of sweet oak and orange, making NED Green Sash truly extraordinary whisky.

Recognised around the world.