NED Australian Whisky is excited to be back as the official whisky of Supercars for another year – and 2023 is the most anticipated season in a generation.

Kicking off around the streets of Newcastle Friday 10 – Sunday 12 March, we’re excited to resume our position trackside enjoying the fierce action with a NED Whisky in hand.

Business as usual in Newcastle, but there are some changes to look out for.  From NED Whisky’s view we’ve got a new driver in the Grove Penrite Mustangs, with young-gun Kiwi Mathew Payne (#19) joining Davey Reynolds (#26). Two supremely quick peddlers with who have high ambitions for the upcoming season.

From everyone’s point of view, this is also one of the most transformative years in the history of Supercars: the introduction of Gen 3 – the brand-new era of cars, built from scratch.

For those who may not be intense followers of global motorsport, it’s pertinent to point out just how uniquely Australian Supercars is. Many other touring car championships around the world have reverted to a global formula, that is cars that are produced relatively on mass and can be entered in multiple competitions around the world.

That’s not the case for Supercars, these new Gen 3 cars don’t exist anywhere else outside of Australia. They are designed by Australian engineers and built in Australian workshops, formulated to please Australian fans. It’s a huge commitment and (another) leap of faith by the category, but one that we believe will pay off very quickly.

What makes Supercars such a great partnership for NED Whisky is that it’s these same characteristics of ingenuity, a daring spirit and not doing things by the book that we also apply when making our whisky.

Take our recently released NED Green Sash Reserve, for example, a premium 44% ABV Australian whisky made unlike any other around the world. Harvesting the Reserve Grade NED barrels over oak blocks, gives the whisky an extra flavour hit that we believe to be unique across the world for this style of whisky.

Taking the best from bourbon production (a corn-based mash bill, sour mash fermentation) and single malt techniques (pot still, lautering, our spirit cut approach) NED Whisky is designed by Australians, to be enjoyed by Australians.

So, whether you’re joining us trackside or watching at home, let’s raise a glass of Aussie innovation in whisky and Aussie innovation on track to kick off the 2023 season.

Also, shout out to the mighty city of Newcastle for bringing the event back after some COVID-imposed years away! We can’t wait to get back to venues like Customs House, the Grand Hotel, Bar Mellow and Blue Kahunas across the week! See you there!

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Our delicious and refreshing-tasting NED & Cola and NED & Dry RTDs will be in bars all around the precinct, as will our friends from Grainshaker Australian Vodka!


Our new Green Sash is a great soft sipper as the laps roll on, while the NED & Cola 6% is a family favourite here at Team NED. If you want to be really on theme, then you can’t go past NED Sounds Of Bathurst.



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