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The Wanted Series : INGENUITY

46% ALC/VOL | 500ml


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The INGENUITY of NED is the latest and final release from The Wanted Series, a premium range of Australian whiskies from the NED Barrel House.

Inspired by the ingenuity of Ned Kelly, our Master Distillers enhanced the flavour profile of this whisky by hand-selecting barrels with flavours of soft vanilla, milk chocolate and citrus fruit before maturing the whisky over char toasted wooden blocks.

This unique approach makes Ingenuity our most bold and balanced whisky of the series.


Ingenuity of NED has a fragrance of dried fruit, fresh oak and citrus. The taste is rich vanilla, toffee and sweet milk chocolate with silky tannin. It is a balanced mouthfeel with a subtle pepper spice finish.

Fresh oak, toffee and dried fruit. Citrus aroma adds complexity. Elegant and complex body to compliment drinking neat on ice. Ideal to pair with chocolate mousse, fruit tart or even a Christmas pudding.

500ml | 46% ABV


On the morning of Ned Kelly’s eventual capture, he emerged from the fog at the Glenrowan Inn, in a hand-crafted armour suit and iconic helmet. Officers at the time thought Kelly and his gang were ghosts through the thick fog. The gang grabbed their rifles and shot at the ambushing police officers. They were protected by their ingenuitive armour and fought to guard their honour.

Art Label Description:

  • Depection of NED walking through the morning fog in his famous armour suit and helmet.
  • Shards of flying metal with the members of the Kelly Gang that were executed in the police shootout.
  • Handcuffs symbolise Ned Kelly’s capture.
  • Railway tracks depicting the fact that the KElly Gang managed to derail the police train that day.
  • Last but certainly not least. “SUCH IS LIFE” the famous last words spoken by Ned Kelly.

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