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NED Whisky Glasses – Set of 2


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Our pride and glory, and the only way we recommend drinking a quality bottle of NED Australian Whisky, our exclusive NED Whisky glasses were designed to enhance your Australian Whisky drinking experience.

Featuring a modern square shape design detailed to unlock hidden aromas, tasting notes and flavours of your NED Whisky, 

The inspiration of its design was inspired by the art of drinking a good whisky after a long, hard day. With the need to feel relaxed and at ease, grasping a NED Whisky glass empowers you to feel in control of your whisky drinking experience.

Digitally crafted, followed by meticulous refinement to ensure absolute perfection, NED Whisky glasses were forged by expert distillers with the aim of delivering an exceptional adventure for all of your senses.

It’s modern, lightweight, and is ergonomically designed, allowing you to breathe in your Australian whisky as you drink it. The dynamics are fluid with a focus on aeration, allowing your whisky to breathe thus reducing the intensities of the ethanol and providing richer aromas without the need to dilute a good Australian whisky with water.

Reveal the hidden flavours of your NED Australian whisky with our exclusive NED Whisky glasses today.


  • Set of 2 NED Whisky glasses.
  • Features the NED Logo etched into the whisky glasses.
  • A modern square shape that has been ergonomically designed.

Note: While NED Whisky Glasses were developed to appreciate good quality Australian whisky, we have found that it works just as well for any high ABV spirits relying on your sense of smell to influence your drinking experience.


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