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Own Your Own Barrel


This is your chance to buy your very own 20-litre oak barrel of NED New Make Spirit!

Unlike other programs, your barrel won’t stay with us. It’s yours to keep at home or wherever you choose. Every three months you’ll be provided with tasting notes to track your barrel’s maturation progress against ours. The spirit will mature differently depending on the conditions it’s stored in. We want you to taste along the way to experience the changes in the spirit.

Watch the Info Videos with Head Distiller at NED Whisky Seb Reaburn, he will explain the NED 20L Barrel Program in all it’s glory. VIEW NOW

Where you live and store the barrel will influence how it ages – and that’s the absolute fun in it! All barrels are filled from the same distillation with 45% alc/vol NED New Make Spirit. While it won’t officially become Australian Whisky until it has matured in the barrel for two years, it will develop that familiar NED taste profile much quicker than that.

Purchase yourself or with mates.

What you’ll receive

  • 20-litres of NED New Make Spirit (approx 28 x 700ml bottles)
  • 20-Litre Barrel coopered in Tasmania from American Oak
  • Barrel stand
  • Handmade Copper Whisky Thief (for the first 10 orders). Others will receive a glass spirit thief
  • Freight included
  • Barrels shipment will be confirmed after purchase

Additional information

Dimensions 27 × 21 cm

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