Join the exclusive NED Small Barrel Program

Ned Whisky Australian Whisky Barrel

Attention serious whisky lovers, this is your chance to secure a place in our exclusive NED Small Barrel Program.

With the purchase of a 20-litre barrel filled with NED new make spirit, you’ll become part of NED’s inner sanctum and one of a select group of whisky connoisseurs who will have access to our innovative maturation program as we continue to create a premium whisky for all Australians.

Each barrel goes through a rigorous assessment process before been released into the program. The new make spirit is hand selected and signed off by NED’s Master and Head Distillers to ensure only best of the best cuts from each distillation make it into the barrel.

Unlike other similar programs, you don’t have to leave your barrel with us until the spirit matures. It’s yours to keep at home or wherever you choose.

While it won’t officially become a premium Australian whisky until it has matured in the barrel for two years, it will develop that familiar NED taste profile much quicker than that.

What you get

Each 20-litre oak barrel is filled with premium NED new make spirit. But you don’t have to wait to try it – the spirit is barreled at 50% ABV and is ready to start sipping straight away.

Every two months you’ll be provided with tasting notes to track your barrel’s maturation progress against ours. We want you to enjoy the spirit as it matures and provide feedback to us along the way.

Barrel owners will also receive:

  • 20-litre barrel hand coopered in Tasmania from American oak
  • Barrel stand
  • Handmade Copper Whisky Thief
  • 4 x NED glasses

Barrels will be shipped in late-July.

Purchase by yourself or in a group. But don’t miss out on this extremely limited offer. Click on the button below to be part of this exclusive group. The sale and shipment of the barrels is being managed by the team at Juicey.

NED. It’s how Australians do whisky.



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NED Whisky

Australian Whisky | Distilled and hand bottled in Australia