Whisky’s beauty is its complexity. You’ve got Scotch from Scotland, Bourbon from America, and whiskies from all over the world, like Australia, Ireland, Japan, and more. And that complexity doesn’t stop at what’s in your glass – there are so many ways to enjoy it..

At NED Australian Whisky we believe there’s one key rule to enjoying whisky.

1. Don’t let anyone tell you how to drink your whisky.

NED Australian Whisky is made from corn, wheat and barley, a bourbon-style mash-bill. It’s a style of whisky that’s incredibly versatile, responsible for creating some of the world’s best sipping whiskies and also the whisky of choice in iconic cocktails.

If you’re reading this, you’re already a whisky enthusiast. Here’s some suggestions of how you might like to enjoy NED Australian Whisky (or any whisky, really).

Remember, the key to whisky happiness is drinking it how you like it, and not being afraid to try new things. If your parents told you not to play with your food as a kid, we’re telling you to definitely play with your whisky as an adult.


Neat: Drinking whisky neat means drinking it without any mixers or ice. It’s the full experience – taste, aroma, and all. This is the most transparent way to experience complex, layered whiskies. When drinking whisky take it slow. Let it sit in your mouth and pause before taking a second sip so you can really appreciate the length and strength of the finish.

With A Splash Of Water: Adding a dash water can help to open up flavours and aromas. It’s not about bringing strength down (although that will happen), but revealing a whisky’s secrets. Water is just another part of the chemistry that goes into making the whisky, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Fun fact: higher proof whiskies tend to have more secrets.

On The Rocks: Adding ice cubes will mellow out the flavour as it melts (just like adding water), with the added benefit of cooling down the whisky. You won’t have as much control over how much water gets added as the ice melts, but this classic approach is a popular way to enjoy whiskies from all around the world. If you want to release water quickly, throw in a few small cubes. If you want it to stay cold for longer, go for one big block.

Mixers: In Australia, we love mixing our whisky with something cold and refreshing – like cola, ginger ale, or soda. Mixing with cola, for example, is a great way to enhance the flavors of the whisky. At NED Australian Whisky, we make our own cola syrup for our ready-to-drink cans, and we play around with the ratios for different strengths (for example, the Classic 6% and the reserve-grade Green Sash 8%). You can do the same at home! Just remember, there are lots of different brands of cola, and ratios play a big part in the flavour.

Cocktails: Whoever said you shouldn’t mix whisky clearly hasn’t had a great whisky cocktail. Whisky is an excellent base for cocktails, and there are so many ways to mix it up. Classics like the Old Fashioned or Manhattan are great examples of how delicious whisky cocktails can be. Often it’s the best spirit you can use, we think the “Sour” family of cocktails is at its best when whisky is the base.

A Whisky Sour, Old Fashioned or Manhattan only require a few ingredients (like whisky, sugar syrup, and bitters for the OF) and are easy to make at home. Don’t be afraid to experiment – try with NED Sour Mash and then with NED Green Sash, add a garnish, try different types of whisky, mix things up!


Whisky is a social drink that tastes better with friends. Just remember to pace yourself so you don’t miss out on any of the deliciousness. Don’t make it your last stand. Cheers!


NED Sour Mash Australian Whisky

Our classic bourbon-style whisky bottled at 40%. Great neat or over-ice, it’s also soft and smooth enough to be a great match for your favourite mixer. With cocktails, we love this in creations where whisky provides the lift and vibrancy, such as a Whisky Sour or Whisky Espresso.

Try it in a Whisky Sour or Espresso – recipes here!

NED Green Sash Reserve Australian Whisky

Harvested over oak and bottled at 44%, Green Sash has gorgeous, structural vanilla and caramel notes. Complex and layered, a long finish showcases itself neat or over ice, while cocktails where whisky is the hero (Old Fashioned, Manhattan) thrive from having Green Sash as the base.

Find recipes for the perfect NED Old Fashioned and Manhattan here!




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